The Great Medicine

Andrea Lougheed


Follow Your Heart . Live Your Calling

Your Heart Knows Your Direction and Guides Your Power

Andrea Lougheed


I open sacred space for you to re-member your true essential nature,
fulfilling your highest purpose while living in
Love, Wisdom and Power

Kindred Spirits

We love, listen and remain in relationship with Pachamama, Mama Earth.
We hold space for ourselves and each other as we dance in our growing edges.
We aspire for liberated expression, fulfillment, and joy, for all of us.
We are sovereign together.

Medicine Pathways

Teachings Soul Medicine Events and Ceremony

This is life. This is medicine. We are all here together.

The Great Medicine...

Is dedicated to restoring the sacred...
Takes a stand for inclusive well-being and collective thriving...
Supports you to restore sacred meaningful exchange in your life...

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For you...

For you who know in your bones this great Earth is alive and speaking to us!

For you who feel the mystery under starlit skies
and seek not to conquer it with knowledge
but to partner with it in the sacred dance of light!

For you who know Mama Earth, Pachamama
as a powerful, wise, healing, life filled being
urging us to return to the Garden of our own free will.

For you who want a life of depth, meaning and wonder.

For you who have always felt an intangible and compelling call
to embark on the greatest treasure hunt into a life of magic,
joy, genuine peace and substantial belonging!

For those of us with a heart of loving service
who choose to be part of the collective vision quest
of unique diversity, harmony and miraculous possibilities.
We are co creating in loving relationship with all of creation.